One Month Blogoversary Traffic Record

Snowflakes in Hell is now one month old. I can’t think of any better way to celebrate the conclusion of my first month by setting an all time traffic record.

Last 30 Days
1140 hits. 345 hosts. 487 Vistors. 600 Sessions.
Not bad considering I was down for a few hours because of a power problem! Thanks to SayUncle, John Lott, The Bitch Girls, and Gun Law News for bringing me most of the traffic today. Especially to Uncle for sharing his Instalaunch by linking to me in his post. Thanks also to all the linkers and commenters over the past month. It’s encouraging me to keep it up. Thanks also to all the politicians out there for being such worms that we all have something to write, bitch and complain about, and especially to Al Gore for inventing the modern interwebs.

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