A Rousing Endorsement

My friend Jym, who is married to a stripper known on here as Christina, and who has been the subject of previous random conversations, has this to say about Mitt Romney’s candiciacy for President:

(10:28:29 PM) Sebastian: Should I vote for Ted Nugent for the NRA board?
(10:34:35 PM) Jym: definitely, he’s awesome
(10:34:56 PM) Jym: Btw, is mitt romney actually gaining support in the conservative blogosphere?
(10:35:35 PM) Sebastian: I doubt it. The blogophere I think is pretty down on him
(10:35:40 PM) Jym: ah good
(10:35:43 PM) Jym: he’s a douchebucket
(10:37:10 PM) Jym: as a former Massachusetts person, i have to say i think he’s totally douchetastic

There you have it folks. “Mitt Romney: Totally Douchtastic”. Someone quick suggest that slogan to his campaign manager.

5 thoughts on “A Rousing Endorsement”

  1. “So, what’s Kennnedy’s nick-name?”

    Date-em and dunk-em?

  2. My Mass. relatives think Mitt rocks.

    They’ll vote for him for sure.

    So, douchtastic to some, byt the balls to others, and maybe even wicked pissa on a good day.

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