Hey Ed, What’s This Going to Cost Me?

This Philadelphia Inquirer article is practically slobbering all over Rendell’s new “plan” and is short on details. Like, how much is this going to cost me? Pennsylvania is already a horrid state to do business in, and this looks like something that’s just going to make it worse.

Pennsylvania has a real problem keeping educated young people in the state. The common story is to go to college, get educated, and get the hell out. I’m one of the rare types that actually stayed, rather than going to greener pastures in the South and West. Rendell would be wise to realize why Phoenix, AZ is currently paced to strip Philadelphia of its title of 5th largest city, and stuff like this has a lot to do with it. Big government is not conducive to economic growth.

But I will say this, I do believe this stuff ought to be done at the state level if it’s going to be done. I would just prefer Pennsylvania wait and see what the results of Massachusetts and California’s efforts are, before we try to one up them. Let’s also not forget the mess that is TennCare.

I agree with critics that our health care system is in need of some reform, but so far no one is coming up with a solution that looks good.

UPDATE: Commenter and occasional blogger Brad points to this good Pat Toomey editorial in the Inquirer.

5 thoughts on “Hey Ed, What’s This Going to Cost Me?”

  1. Former PA representative and senate candidate Pat Toomy had an excellent Ed/Op piece in Sunday’s Inky about how Rendell needs to make PA a better place to do business before any increases in spending take place.


    I’m actually all for states experimenting with various health care programs, but I think that PA is jumping on the Massachusetts/California/Vermont bandwagon before seeing if it will even work. Instead of 3 states going backrupt if the plans fail, it’ll be 25 states, and the only way out is federal help.

    And then we’ll get Canadian and British-style health care. Oh joy.

  2. I hope so. You know I was a big fan of his when he was trying to unseat Arlen Specter and secure the Republican nomination for Senate. He was narrowly defeated, so I think he could do well in a statewide election if he keeps a high public profile. Whether or not “doing well” means “winning” is beyond me, but he could at least force the issues into the public eye.

  3. The PA GOP really needs someone solid to run at the statewide level. I don’t know if Lynn Swann was the best they could do, or they wanted to save a better candidate for a different race, but it seems to be Rendell wasn’t unbeatable with a better candidate. Toomey I think would be a good candidate.

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