Hobo Deer

My friend Andrew brings me this sad but vaguely amusing story from his home town of Helena, MT.

A young mulie buck survived a jump from the I-15 overpass above Helena’s Sixth Ward train depot onto a boxcar last week, but had to be destroyed after being further injured by a leap from the boxcar to the ground.

This is where it gets amusing:

“We decided that the only way to get him off of it was for it to jump on its own,” he noted. “We wanted to give it a chance.”

Loewen climbed atop the boxcar and the deer took a flying leap.

“He landed on all four feet,” Arnold said. “But then we could see that he also had a broken back leg, too.”

They decided that the buck stopped here, and shot it. The wardens transported the carcass to the wildlife center, where it was fed to the few bears that hadn’t yet gone into hibernation.

Gotta love Montana.