I am the NRA again

I’d let my membership lapse after the initial period through a combination of apathy and a mild distaste for the undertone of politics beyond their mission that I felt the NRA had allowed to creep into their advocacy.

But the recent organized and directed assaults on the 2A reminded me that they are still the most effective advocacy for firearms freedom, so I re-upped. And this time I can’t let the membership lapse, I went for the Life membership. At least partially so I can vote and pretend I have input.

I am reasonably sure I’m not the only lapsed member come back to the fold; I certainly hope not, anyway. And here’s hoping they can continue to be effective.

16 thoughts on “I am the NRA again”

  1. Rock on. I just stepped mine up to a Lifetime Membership, and next month it’s a lifetime membership ti the Second Amendment Foundation, and then to whomever else will take my money to fight the fight.

  2. I’m a member of the NRA, GOA, Ohio Carry, and Buckeye Firearms Association. My cousins out in Illinois (BBBOOOYYYY are they, likely, in for a world of hurt in 2019 and beyond) joined the NRA, GOA, and Illinois State Rifle Association. The others in PA, MI, WA, TX, FL, and NJ will be joining the NRA and GOA soon, as well as the State Level groups as well. Nearly all of my family on the maternal side will be joining both the NRA and GOA soon, and my father, his sisters, brothers, and close friends are joining up too, and even those that don’t want to, are making big $donations.

    I’m real happy about it, and BTW, the “gun community” needs to galvanize and unite, BIG-TIME, as well as accept the fact that in 2019, and a few years after, we may be in for a bit of “hurt”.

    Florida just dodged one of many anti-gun bullets coming down the pike, as their State-Constitutional Board rejected an “Assault Weapons” Ban Amendment, but Oregon is likely to have an Assault Weapons Ban Legislative Popular Vote Ballot in the 2018 Midterms. Illinois will also be in Trouble if JB Pritzker becomes their next Governor.

    Time to Unite.

      1. Yes. SAF has a life membership option for $150. I’ll be joining this week. 👍

  3. I am an NRA Life Benefactor member. I upped it incrementally after Sandy Hook. You would think being at the highest membership tier possible would give you a better way to contact the executive staff. Nope. And I still get the giant membership envelopes. I also gift a membership annually to my father in law.

    Sebastian and Bitter- knowing your associations, any ideas who I could contact in our region to push some ideas discussed on this blog by throwing my status around? I figure it’s worth a try to affect positive change.

  4. I try and avoid sending money to rich guys that do everything they can to strip me of the civil right they claim to protect. They are the most dangerous group in America to those that value gun rights.

  5. That’s too bad. The uptick in membership will send the message that supporting gun control is the right thing to do.

  6. I just joined the NRA for the first time a few weeks ago, as a lifetime member, in response to the current swell of gun control support. Have been a life member of the GOA since 2009 and was reluctant to join the NRA. Protecting gun rights seems like priority 2 for them, right after protecting NRA interests/power, but who else has such a loud voice from so many members?

  7. Excellent! I upped mine to Endowment and my wife to Life. I have issues with the NRA’s culture war fight, but they are still the big gorilla so I’ll still support them.

  8. I added my two boys as EPL Jrs and upped the wife and I for two more years. Soon as the Boy’s EPL is paid off I’m going to move to an EPL for me and the wife.

  9. Where the NRA money really counts is with the NRA-ILA and the NRA-PVF. The ILA supports the lobbying effort and the PFV goes to support candidates. Consider giving to these.

  10. There’s much I disagree with the NRA on but they are the 800lb gorilla when it comes to gun rights.

  11. I specifically chose the Life Membership so I could vote immediately. You have to actually work at it to be able to vote, but you do get (minimal, admittedly) input that way.

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