So Long, Kirk


The Senate is one of those situations where there is no easy answer for the gun voter. There are atrocious Republicans who deserve the boot, but we have to remember the Supreme Court factor on the Second Amendment issue. It gets complicated.

There has been debate here over the role Toomey plays in that calculation. While I held my nose and voted Toomey this year, I did withhold other support for him.

However, one seat that I’m really not sorry to see flip is Illinois – Mark Kirk. It’s not just because he was anti-gun to begin with. He decided to go piss on my other pet group with a blatantly racist attack. This wasn’t an SJW-defined racism that is really just a case of “you disagree with me!” type racism accusation. What Kirk did was make a judgement specifically attacking a woman because of how she looks based on half of her heritage.

Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.), seeking to unseat Sen. Mark Kirk (R) in Illinois, invoked her family’s military service while answering a debate question.

“My family has served this nation in uniform going back to the Revolution,” Duckworth said. …

Kirk was offered a chance to rebut. “I’d forgotten that your parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington,” he said.

Duckworth’s mother, Lamai, is Thai, but her late father, Franklin, was a Marine veteran whose family roots in this country trace to before the American Revolution.

From basic opposition research, he would have known she was a) a veteran who lost her legs serving her country, and b) from a family of veterans. That’s simply the basics you’re going to know since you’ll know she’s going to hit you on military issues. He didn’t have to know that she’s actually a member of DAR, but that’s not what he judged her on. He judged her based on just one half of her family history that’s visible in her skin tones and used it as an attack. That is racist. It’s also sloppy opposition research. He should have known she’s a member of DAR since she has spoken to the group and the Illinois state society did actually use her as a model for a statue honoring women who have served the country in our military. There is simply no defense for his statement at all.

Needless to say, that kind of attack reflects poorly on the whole party. Given that he was bad on guns anyway, I just can’t say that I’m sorry to see him go. Because Kirk clearly burned the bridge to his re-election, I made the decision on Toomey to help try and keep the Senate. To see someone booted who would sink as low as Kirk did in order to try and oust an opponent, I think I’m okay with my decision.

7 thoughts on “So Long, Kirk”

  1. We get a real supreme court. It happened.
    Is the 2nd amendment saved?


    This truly is the dankest timeline.

  2. My friends in Illinois wouldn’t have even spit on Kirk if he was on fire. The gun community gave him a break a few years ago and he stabbed them in the back. They didn’t forget and they didn’t forgive.

  3. I took great glee in not voting for Kirk. While I could not pull the level for Duckworth (she is a typical Dem tool), at least now our Senators are properly labeled. That asshole should have resigned after his stroke, but he didn’t, because the GOPe didn’t want Blagojevich appointing a Dem. Well, guess what, dumbasses? Kirk was a DIABLO all day. Good riddance to bad rubbish, you twat.

  4. Yes, that attack was certainly uncalled for. It’s not like there wasn’t plenty of legitimate items to attack her on.

  5. Actually considering what it could’ve been we are actually very lucky. Maybe, just maybe the Democrats might realize that gun control is a non-winning issue. And that openly calling for bans and gun confiscation was part of why they lost so badly.

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