Another Day, Another Search Warrant

Kathleen Kane

In most states, such headlines aren’t often about search warrants issued against your own Attorney General. In Pennsylvania, it’s the new normal after Mike Bloomberg bought us a new Attorney General who has seemingly decided that laws on leaking confidential materials to the press don’t apply to her.

Of course, I also have to thank the good voters who backed her because their loyalty to Penn State without taking into account her position on gun rights or even whether she would be competent.

7 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Search Warrant”

  1. So this is what I have to look forward to when I become of a citizen of the Commonwealth?

  2. How was a vote for Kane connected to loyalty to PSU. As a PSU grad who lives in central PA, I’m not seeing or understanding this connection. Kane ran for an open seat against an under funded drip of a candidate. Her margin in philly was so massive that it didn’t much matter what central PA did. She was a dem running on the same ballot as obama.

    1. While she got a significant number of votes in Philadelphia, and she did benefit from being on the same ticket as Obama, the fact of the matter is that she got significantly more votes than Obama.

      This means that a significant number of people voted against Obama and for Kane.

      You can find detailed vote totals here, including the option to break it down by county.

        1. I’m having a hard time believing anyone in PA, much less a PSU grad in central PA, is unaware of this. She campaigned on a promise to investigate the investigation of Sandusky, and especially to investigate whether Gov. Corbett purposely slow-walked the investigation for political purposes. This played to the hopes of PSU faithful who were convinced the investigation would show not only that Corbett slow-walked the investigation, but that PSU was unfairly tarnished by the criminal charges still pending against the former president, vice president for finance, and athletic director for perjury and other offenses in connection with Sandusky.

            1. I don’t remember ever hearing or seeing those advertisements. What format(s) and station(s) did you see/hear them from?

              I don’t doubt that the ads ran, I was just never exposed to them: I live in the shadow of Philadelphia, and I don’t watch television. I heard/saw a lot of the “Kane was a bad politically motivated prosecutor who let a child rapist go free due to her incompetence” ad, and occasionally her advert to counter this one, but not much else.

              It looks like the Penn State ads were targeted to specific areas, and not to others.

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