A different kind of wearable

Inspired by (Disney’s) security theater, Leatherman will be bringing a “wearable multitool” out this year. I feel for the guy who designed this; one of the minor annoyances of being a low-level road warrior (3-5 flights a year) is not being able to bring my own Skeletool with me. I’ve seriously considered buying a pack of the cheap $2/unit in bulk at the local home despot to be able to drop one in my checked luggage and not care too much if it doesn’t make it past baggage handling. This won’t fix that annoyance completely, since it won’t have a blade, but the “cutting hook” would deal with most of what I actually use a blade for (opening packages without having to use my teeth). And, of course, the most important tool, the bottle opener.

OTOH, the fine folks at TSA will probably make something up on the spot to “ban” this…

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  1. I was interested, until I heard the price starts at $150. That’s a lot of money for a set of screwdrivers and a bottle opener! Especially since I doubt the tools are particularly easy to use.

  2. If they confiscate it out of checked luggage, isn’t that stealing?

    I’d like to have a fancy knife made up out of either cast zinc (pot metal) or that material that dissolves in hot water just for such an eventuality.

    1. Yeah, that part confused me, as well. I fly with a knife in my checked bag almost every time I fly. You just can’t have one in your carry-on.

      1. And nothing EVER gets stolen out of checked luggage. I don’t care to chance my Skeletool at the prices they command

  3. I just carry a gun right past Disney security. They don’t and can’t search everyone: people won’t stand for it, and it would make lines to enter the park impossibly unwieldy.
    There is no law in Florida that says I have to disarm, and I won’t.

  4. Yeah Disney only searched our bags upon entry. And they only took a quick peek… not very thorough at all. I could have had a gun on me and gotten through with no problem at all.

    And BTW, Leatherman already makes knife-less multitools. It even says “TSA Friendly” on the package. I just saw one at REI last week.

    1. Even those aren’t fool proof. One of my bosses had a knife-less Leatherman and it was taken by TSA regardless.

    1. I’ve never had an issue carrying knives or guns in checked baggage. In all honesty when it came to the latter I got hassled from airline employees who didn’t know their company’s policies more than anything else.

  5. I carried knives in my checked luggage to SHOT Show in Las Vegas. They made it there and then back home again.

    My only problem was that TSA either cut off my “TSA Approved” lock or forgot to put it back on after they inspected my luggage.

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