I’m Ian Argent, a long-time commenter and occasional contributor. I used to blog at my own place (The Lair), but that basically petered out late last year due to a confluence of events in my life. The itch to blog, however, never really went away, though; so when I saw that Sebastian was having to spend more time on the job and less on blogging, I offered to add a little content here, and he accepted. Of course, I meant to have a few more posts in the hopper before I went incommunicado last week, but I wasn’t happy with anything but the Management ones, and the second post was incomplete until tonight.

Anyway, as it says on my Blogger profile:

I was born below the Mason-Dixon line and lived in various exotic locales, being raised by globe-trotting, gun-owning hippies on an literary diet mostly composed of Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, WWII history books, and NOW propaganda. I’ll leave y’all to guess which had the most influence on me… I’m now an armed and conservative resident of The Great Garden State of New Jersey, and can be found arguing for the fun of it on message boards and comment sections across the internet.

11 Responses to “Re-introduction”

  1. Sebastian says:

    In terms of advice like, “Don’t eat the yellow snow,” don’t use “Uncategorized” as a category. But thanks for helping to fill in. It’s becoming less that I don’t have the time, and being more that I don’t have the energy.

    • Ian Argent says:

      Been there, done that, forgot the t-shirt. And I’ll bear the first part in mind as well

  2. NUGUN says:

    Hi Ian,

    Ya, I went silent, but due to some major personal life issues. As for most influential…well it’s Heinlein for me.

    BTW, I just finished reading Robert A. Heinlein’s “Red Planet” to my 7 year old daughter. And his “Time for the Stars” before that. Start ’em young…


  3. Bram says:

    My son took to Heinlein’s juvenile series like a bee to honey.

  4. Renegade_Azzy says:

    Resident of the state of NJ? You have my condolences.

    It will be interesting to get perspectives on events from that side of the border.

  5. TS says:

    I can grok where the influence came from.

  6. Jeff O says:

    Is that like a real conservative, or just conservative for the state of New Jersey? Just kidding, welcome!

    • Ian Argent says:

      Well, fiscally and governmentally conservative, socially moderate; actually. I tend to think there’s more of a place for government than does the usual Big L Libertarian, but that the government’s role should be one of sharply limited powers and responsibilities.

      • Bram says:

        I like to point out to people that my Congressman from Northwest NJ (Scott Garrett) fits that Libertarianish Conservative description.

        • Ian Argent says:

          New Jersey’s Republican congressional contingent is all over the map, ideologically; it’s a little weird.

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