The Best Article on the Yeadon Doctor Shooting

Many of you have probably read the story that broke yesterday evening about the doctor who saved his life and is credited with saving numerous others by pulling out his own legally carried firearm and shooting a mental patient who had just shot his caseworker and tried to shoot the doctor. But I have to say for a case that’s still unfolding today, the Daily News has probably the best story I’ve seen on the situation and people involved.

They highlight that the shooter was known as a threat to himself and others, having been involuntarily committed by his local police department two times in the last 5 years and has a known criminal history of firearm and drug offenses. It will be interesting to see if he stole the firearm he used given that he does have a history that includes robbing a bank, according to their research.

They tracked down neighbors at his last known address and none of them were remotely shocked. They said he was clearly deeply troubled, and a friend of an ex-girlfriend of the shooter even said that the guy was a heavy, heavy drug user and claimed he got violent with the girlfriend and kicked her in the stomach while she was known to be pregnant.

In other words, this is a violent, drug addicted mentally ill person who, while in “care,” was allowed to roam the streets and continue committing crimes up until he murdered a woman who was trying to help him in cold blood and tried to take out the doctor, too. The police chief stated that he believes the shooter would not have stopped with the people in the room, and he credits the doctor with keeping the tragedy from turning into a mass shooting.

The shooter was clearly prohibited from possessing firearms, and Pennsylvania already has mandatory background checks on private sales of handguns. You’d think this would make it clear to the other side that the problem lies with our mental health and legal systems. But, no, they still blame the gun even though one in the hands of a lawful owner helped save lives.

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  1. “You’d think this would make it clear to the other side that the problem lies with our mental health and legal systems. But, no, they still blame the gun even though one in the hands of a lawful owner helped save lives.”

    Wait, logic being used by the anti-gun rights side when dealing with a gun involved situation. Have you been drinking and blogging again?
    Although that would make dealing with the mind numbing stupidity easier to deal with….

  2. Given they tried to use the Santa Barbra shooting and stabbing to demand for a private sale ban…

    (They also used the Navy Yard shooting, that Washington State shooting, the Aurora shooting, and, of course, Newton… all to agitate for a law that wouldn’t have changed things.)

    They might as well have been using such events to push for a hatchet ban.

    1. Doubly ironic, since California has had a ban on private sales of firearms going on now for at least two decades!

  3. I think we’ll find a similar story about how the Mental Health Professionals “Dropped the Ball” when the Aurora Shooting Trial starts.

    Funny how the Antis keep saying they want ALL the Mental Health Records fed into NICS, yet their Political Friends and Allies keep saying “Patient Confidentiality!”

    1. The evidence that was available before everyone lawyered up suggests that Holmes’ psychiatrist did the right thing, breaking confidentiality pursuant to a Tarasoff warning requirement, but the defects of Colorado commitment law took precedence.

  4. Since private sales are regulated, what’s left? Wait – I know – we can make it illeagle to STEAL a gun!


  5. Hospital carry is forbidden in Michigan. Makes you think of the carried by 6 or judged by 12.

      1. Yeah I’m amazed when I look at different states and see that we still have quite restricted no carry zones. PA seems to be much more liberal in places you can carry.

    1. I believe that this shooting also occurred at an outpatient clinic adjacent to the hospital building but not inside the hospital. It may be considered part of the hospital if they are trying to bill you for a facility fee but it was just a doctor’s office that is near a hospital.

  6. Actual question about PA gun law:

    1) Are hospitals gun free zones you have to honor by law in PA?
    2) Is carrying contrary to company policy actually illegal in PA? Or is it just something that can get you fired if HR finds out?

    I ask because I’ve lived in states where both are true…

    1. 1) No
      2) Not illegal.

      We can actually have very friendly carry laws if you have a LTCF. Much better than much redder states I’ve lived in.

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