New Attempts to Divide & Conquer

It looks like Mother Jones is investing in a strategy of trying to convince hunters that NRA doesn’t represent them because of one bill that appears to have covered many national land access issues. And, since those access issues might possibly be used by energy companies and some guys who own energy companies in Texas happen to like guns and donate to NRA, CLEARLY the evidence is overwhelming that NRA hates hunters…or something. (Heavy sarcasm in that summary if you couldn’t tell.)

This is a pretty hard sell to make considering that 3/4 of NRA members report that they are hunters, according to NRA President Jim Porter’s report at the recent board meeting. In fact, the organization launched a Hunter Leadership Forum event at this year’s annual meeting that raised more than $2 million for hunting programs at NRA.

So, I would say that the evidence shows NRA is quite connected to the hunting community. Will there be times that legislation is more complex and touches on issues that non-hunting access? Yes. But that doesn’t mean that NRA is “turning…against hunters.” It is also just a bit of a stretch to argue that because NRA accepts some donations from Texas families who own guns and hunt that happen to be in the energy sector that they are now energy industry lobbyists because of one or two bills. This looks like an attempt to try and see if they can pull some of those hunting supporters away from the organization since hunters are clearly such a huge part of the NRA “family.”

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    1. They published it on an environment-themed site, but the description at the bottom notes that it’s a Mother Jones-produced story.

  1. So on the Peruta issue, the Court writes:

    Appellee William D. Gore is further ordered to respond within fourteen days of the date of this order to the suggestion that this case is moot.

    So, if the court says “Well, San Diego county is issuing on a shall issue basis now, so the whole case is dismissed for being moot” does that mean the precedent doesn’t bind the rest of the Circuit?

    That seems to be the best possible outcome for our opponents. That would let them limit the damage to one county in Cali.

  2. Well, Mother Jones banned me. Those sensitive souls decided I was a bully because I would not accept their lies and go away.

  3. The assumption that there is a conflict between those who produce energy and those who hunt is false.

    Most leftists assumptions are false, and they build enormous edifices on them.

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