Pennsylvania’s Capacity Limits

I realize this is off topic, but this is just one of those “what the hell” topics that blows my mind. In Pennsylvania, we restrict the capacity of your bags of potatoes.

No, I’m not kidding.

Apparently, eight pound bags of potatoes are one of the most popular sizes in many states. In Pennsylvania, selling potatoes in bags that hold eight pounds is illegal. We can buy them in bags of three pounds, five pounds, or even ten pounds. But, eight pounds is where someone thought it was important to draw the line.

While there’s an effort to get this absolutely absurd potato capacity law off the books, it doesn’t seem to be moving anywhere fast. That’s part of the problem in government. No one seems to put any real priority on repealing bad laws that in no way serve or protect the public.

16 thoughts on “Pennsylvania’s Capacity Limits”

  1. You just want to eat with abandon with your high capacity potato bags. For shame.

    I was talking to HappyWarrior6, and I came to the conclusion that PA has the laziest legislature in the country.

    1. I think I agree with you on the legislature’s laziness. A resolution recognizing that the sky is blue would end up dead in the water.

      The funny thing about this is that we’re on a low-ish carb diet, and so we don’t have any use for an eight pound potato bag. However, I sure as hell defend your right to have one. :)

  2. We’re lucky that they don’t treat an eight pound bag as a destructive device, if accompanied by a potato masher. :)

  3. Sounds exactly like the sort of “restraint of trade” that the Commerce Claise was intended to address at the federal level…..

    1. You could scalp indians legally til then?

      Damn, and I missed out on all the fun……..

  4. More importantly, Pennsylvania (and many, if not most other states) limit the capacity of shotgun and rifle magazines while hunting.

    I’m still waiting for AWB states to cite this precedent as justification for their mag bans generally.

    1. Interesting subject you touched on, If you are shooting a shotgun for anything other than deer it has to be plugged to only hold 2 rnds in the mag.
      If you take that shotgun deer hunting there is no limit.
      You are also forbidden from using self loading firearms for hunting, all firearms must be manually operated, unless it’s a shotgun, then self loading is just fine and dandy irregardless of the law requiring manually operated hunting guns.
      Muzzleloaders must be flintlock and of a design before 1800, no scopes, EXCEPT the October Antlerless season where anything goes…..

      HOW do they get stuff sooooo confusing when it should be simple?

  5. California used to have a law, passed right after World War II, that prohibited selling bread at retail in sizes other than one pound loaves. Apparently, some clever crooks in the immediate post-war period were selling loaves that were a bit less than one pound. They were not necessarily lying to anyone — but Californians apparently lacked the capacity to compare the labeled weight of loaves of bread.

    1. Californians apparently lacked the capacity to compare the labeled weight of loaves of bread

      That’s entirely possible to believe some days. :)

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