Fill His Voicemail Boxes – All of Them

Well, now we get the official confirmation that Sen. Pat Toomey is helping to write a gun control bill:

NBC News is also reporting
that Toomey’s spokesperson is scheduling a press conference alongside Sen. Joe Manchin to celebrate this victory.

There’s nothing on what deal he’s putting together, but Pennsylvania voters need to make every single phone in every single office ring loud and clear tomorrow morning. Every office that allows voicemails should have a completely full box by the time staff arrive. Call tonight; call again tomorrow.

Need a reminder for his numbers?

  • DC – (202) 224-4254 (full)
  • Allentown – (610) 434-1444 (full)
  • Erie – (814) 453-3010 (full)
  • Harrisburg – (717) 782-3951 (full)
  • Philadelphia – (215) 241-1090 (full)
  • Pittsburgh – (412) 803-3501 (full)
  • Scranton – (570) 941-3540 (full)
  • Johnstown – (814) 266-5970

I doubt a flood of calls will truly change his mind at this point, but the debate isn’t over and there have been no votes cast, so the message that gun owners are not happy needs to be sent loud and clear.

I’m just baffled. I would not agree with a vote on a bill, but I can at least understand the pressure to cast a vote will be an issue for some senators on both sides of the aisle. But, this, this is just politically stupid. Now the narrative is that Sen. Toomey is writing gun control bills. He isn’t just under pressure to vote in this case, he went out of his way to write a bill.

As a reader on Twitter noted, Pat Toomey just gave a political victory to Obama, and I would argue that we just lost at least two House GOP votes from Pennsylvania on this issue, if not three to four votes. (Toomey’s support now makes it damn near politically impossible for Representatives Fitzpatrick and Meehan to oppose the bill. It makes it very tough for Gerlach and, perhaps, Dent.)

If you call and find out that a voice mail is already full, check in here, please.

24 thoughts on “Fill His Voicemail Boxes – All of Them”

  1. Son of a…. And to think I pulled the lever for that jackass. Won’t make that mistake again.

  2. I’m disgusted. Its not just that he didn’t go with the filibuster. Its not that he even voted on a gun control bill. He is actively writing one, and this was after everything seemed dead.

    Remember folks, this is closing the gun show loophole. That term fell out of favor, but here we have a conservative Republican from PA writing a bill to close the gun show loophole.

    Its tremendously stupid politically. He won by only 2% in 2010. How does he think he is going to win in 2016 with all of PA’s gun owners against him? As a Republican? I really hope he is primaried.

  3. Senator Toomey, please know that attacks on 2A like this have an equal reaction at the ballot box. Remember what you swore to when taking office or does it not matter? Follow your gut is what i ask and if at the end of the day you support bills that have no impact on future Sandy Hooks and make future criminals of law abiding citizens, well then, we all have to live with our conscience.
    Thank You

    1. Um, dude, this is a blog. This is not Senator Toomey’s office. You need to be calling him, not leaving comments “to” him here.

      1. His staff has google alerts set up for his name, including blog alerts. I have a relative who has worked on capital hill for 20+ years. Yeah, they’re reading this too.

  4. Just tried his DC office, full up. Might as well lightt up his e-mail account.

  5. Toomey, Graham, McCain… Look like bloomberg and obama are going to get well over 60 votes. I keep telling people to contact McCain but at this point private sales will pass by overwhelming majority and then they will pound the republicans in the house. If they have to sped trillions to make it so they will.

    I’m not saying the game is up but looks like we got screwed.

  6. DC, Allentown, Erie, Harrisburg all full on the VM as of 8:55est

    I called and left messages on the other 3 expressing my dissapointment with his choice.
    FYI Johnstown is a unident voicemail.

  7. Pittsburgh is full now, but i was able to leave a message at the Scranton office.

  8. Just tried the Pittsburgh, and Erie numbers, they’re full too. Scranton and Johnstown still need to be filled up however.

  9. The Scranton number is still accepting messages. I supported him against Specter in his initial attempt at the Senate and even wrote him rather than vote for Arlen, if ANYTHING is proposed other than actually enforcing the laws in place and improving the NICS system I will be extremely disappointed not only with him but the party in general. I already refer to myself as more of a libertarian, I may become a party line voter.

  10. The idiots that want gun control never voted for Toomey and never will. Why would he pander to them? Up until this point I thought he was pretty shrewd. But he’s not. He’s a dope.

    And the timing of this in relation to Bloomberg’s push makes me hate that turd even more.

  11. “I’m just baffled. . .But, this, this is just politically stupid. . .”

    Why will no one entertain that some votes are for what the legislator always, in his heart, wanted in the first place?

    If Toomey were a Democrat, that would be the only explanation anyone would think of. Is it possible no one can believe a “conservative Republican” has actually been bullshitting us all along? Would it be too scary, because it would admit the possibility that a lot of the others are, too?

    1. There was so much enthusiasm and energy when it started. Unfortunately, two of his offices still have answering machine space.

  12. Toomey has been trending left for several months now. Sonebody has something on him.

    I received a response from the Senate Conservatives Fund this morning that they will NOT SUPPORT him in 2016 and will support a strong challenger in a primary, if one emerges.

    I am the NRA. I Vote and I never forget.

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