Local Grassroots Tackling Local Anti-Gun Initiatives


I have to applaud the new local gun rights grassroots group for being able to highlight things that otherwise would pass by many gun owners just because they can’t scan every single paper or keep up with every single news report.

They found this story about a county commissioner who is trying to use her personal politics to guide the county’s pension fund. Given that county commissioners don’t typically get much feedback from voters, they are encouraging people to call and email her to oppose her effort to make her personal politics the guide for retirement investments instead of simply trying to get the most in return for the taxpayer’s money.

While the commissioner in question isn’t up for re-election this year, she has to know that motivating more voters to turn out against her in her next off-year election doesn’t bode well for her political future. Local efforts like this are the prime opportunity to remind her that we’re watching closer than we ever have before, and we’ll hold officials accountable at the ballot box.

6 thoughts on “Local Grassroots Tackling Local Anti-Gun Initiatives”

  1. Remember when the same commissioner made a big deal out of the Republican sheriff charging double the legal price for a carry permit?

    Partisans are just so, so funny.

    1. Actually, I don’t remember that. That’s the benefit to local activists who can collect that kind of data and use it to impact the local discussion.

      1. Briefly — and even I have forgotten the details, now — while the Bucks County Sheriff was still charging nearly twice the codified fee for issuing a carry permit, it was Marseglia who took up the cause of correcting that, or at least, complaining about where the money was going to. Her position was very pro-gun at the time, while she sought to embarrass the Republicans. I communicated with her about some nuances in the law, and several other activists in the county were supporting her efforts, great guns, no pun intended.

        It is now coming back to me that she was echoing an issue that at the time was being raised by a new, young, state rep in Lehigh County. I will have to try to look it up.

        Bucks County Democrats seem to have a penchant for trying to play both sides of the gun street. In my other frequently-mentioned anecdote, it was John Cordisco, running for state senate, who came to our club and the Bucks County Sportsmen’s Coalition playing gun rights advocate, at the same time he responded to a League of Women Voters candidates questionnaire that he wanted to broadly restrict guns. When I discovered it, I took the story and the evidence to the Bucks County Courier-Times, that ran with it, to my surprise. Cordisco tried to tell us that he had answered the LWV questionnaire before we had “educated” him, but that now he was on our side. I’m such a cynic I didn’t buy it, but told him to call the newspaper and give them that explanation, and then we’d support him. He never did. He lost the election.

        1. I believe this story was in the time-frame I am speaking of. The very legitimate stink was first raised about Rossi in Lehigh County, and Marseglia did a “me too” about The Duke in Bucks County. Donnelly had been charging $47 for a $25 permit for quite awhile.

  2. That is why VCDL is so effective they spend a lot of time being in Richmond lobbying for gun rights and checking all the little efforts to deprive us of our rights.There were numerous restrictions in local jurisdictions to deprive us of our rights, that had to be notified and then get those petty tyrannical restrictions removed.

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