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pinterest_logo_red I just set up a Pinterest account for the blog. Yup. Pinterest.

I love Pinterest for personal use, and I questioned the value of it for the blog since we’re not heavy graphics posters. As a completely visual network, graphics are kind of important.

However, it really sparked when no matter how many times I loaded and reloaded the “home decor” category in my search for inspiration to use in our basement renovation, I kept running across a pin of a wall-mounted full-length mirror that actually serves as hidden firearm storage. The pin doesn’t just show a storage option that can hold valuables out of sight, it shows a modern semi-auto rifle with a sizable standard capacity magazine loaded. That’s pretty hardcore and awesome. Like I said, I saw this damn pin probably 80% of the time that I loaded the random pins across the entire home decor category.

So, that launched the idea I had to share some fun images that represent guns & common culture. Some new content and old posts with lots of photos justified a board on antique guns and novelties. I have some photos of awesome antique firearms to finish uploading to that board, plus some fun re-pins from the National Firearms Museum.

Today, I’ve uploaded some links to old content, shared a few videos on the relevant topics for each board, and done a little re-pinning from fun finds when you search for firearms on the social network. The fact is, I find an awful lot of pro-gun material on the social network that’s historically been dominated by women. That growth and acceptance among women is one reason why the anti-gun groups are so desperate. Bringing the ladies along usually means the entire family gets involved. Making gun ownership the normal, casual thing that’s not controversial for the gun owners in a person’s life means more voters will start to question the success of whether one more gun control law will really work. So, yeah, Pinterest.

5 thoughts on “Expanding Social Media Empire”

  1. Good move on your (plural) part. While I don’t have a Pinterest page set up for my blog, I do have a Gun Rights board among other things in my Pinterest page.

    1. I also have a gun-related board on my personal Pinterest account. I’m sure that some of those pins will make it over to the blog account at some point. :)

      I really wasn’t sure whether I should, but the more that I thought about Sebastian’s big culture post, the more I realized that we’ve got relevant content, videos, and images that help advance that cause.

  2. Thanks for that link to Tactical Walls!! As we look around at real-estate and prepare to move, that kind of “built-in” looks very promising.

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