Ripping the Insurance Gun Control Proposals Apart

The Editorial Page Editor for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review rips apart various gun control proposals that violate not just Second Amendment rights, but also our Fourth Amendment rights. Whether it’s insurance, warrantless searches, or the terrible firearms advice from the Vice President, Colin McNickle holds nothing back. He even demonstrates how, if we applied the logic of many gun control advocates to the First Amendment, the modern media would not exist. This is a column that absolutely deserves some pro-rights clicks and praise.

5 thoughts on “Ripping the Insurance Gun Control Proposals Apart”

    1. Not much I can do about that. Their entire domain appears to be down for the time being. I would suggest checking back later because it’s well worth the read.

  1. The Wife works for one of the Major Insurance Companies. Trust me, we do NOT want Mandatory Liability Insurance! WAY too many databases, access to your Personal Info and the amount and types of Guns you Own, God Forbid if you let the Insurance lapse, the list goes on and on.

  2. I think the most likely outcome of such a law would be to turn thousands of people into instant felons because we’d see no reason to buy insurance on an item that the state has no way of knowing we own. If I’m right in that guess, I think there’s a financial problem that the genius behind this law didn’t think through.

    If you’re a Pennsylvania hunter and you don’t want to buy liability insurance for your guns, buying a hunting license would almost be a tacit admission that you own guns. The most recent year I can find totals for is 2007, when Pennsylvania made $723 million selling hunting licenses. A study commissioned by the state legislature in 2010 estimated that hunters spend $1.7 billion directly on goods and services related to hunting and generate $3 billion in economic activity and over $435 million in federal, state and local tax revenue. How much of that money do you figure Harrisburg is willing to lose to Ohio and West Virginia just to appease the gun grabbers?

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