Police Corruption in Chicago

Dave Hardy points to a study that shows why Illinois gun owners probably don’t have much faith that the state will actually protect them – well, a study that isn’t simply a matter of publishing the skyrocketing Chicago murder rate.

An analysis of five decades of news reports reveals that since 1960, at least 300 Chicago Police officers have been convicted of serious crimes, such as drug dealing, beatings of civilians, destroying evidence, protecting mobsters, theft and murder.

Moreover, the listing of police convicted of crimes undoubtedly underestimates the problem of corruption in the Chicago Police Department (CPD). The list does not include undetected and unreported illegal activity, serious misconduct resulting in internal disciplinary action, and officers who retire rather than face charges.

4 thoughts on “Police Corruption in Chicago”

  1. Why does a police officer repeatedly go inside a known prostitution house “alone” and remain for 45 minutes at a time, and never make any arrests.


    Yes, problem friends are dealing with now. What do you do when the police won’t do their !@#$% jobs?

  2. I don’t mind the corruption itself all that much, since a corrupt system breeds corruption as a matter of course. What really offends me deep is the other cops who know about the corruption and turn a blind eye to it. These are the same cops who tell us there aren’t very many bad cops, that all cops deserve the benefit of the doubt.

    No, jack, you swore to uphold the laws, and if you know a fellow cop is dealing, taking bribes, framing suspects, or in ANY other way breaking the law, then YOU need to uphold your oath and bust the sunsabitches.

    The worst example I can think of recently was a Florida cop who busted a guy for driving 100 over the speed limit. Turned out to be an off-duty cop on his way between off-duty jobs, and when she carried through, other cops harassed the living daylights out of her — smearing turds on her police car, ordering pizzas and whatnot to her door … scum. They are all scum. I doubt there was a single cop who didn’t know the bad cops, and by doing nothing, they became the bad cops.

  3. I remember a legislature transcript where then-Senator Obama was using a police officer dealing out of his trunk with a fraudulent FFL to justify a proposed gun-a-month bill.

    …the fact that we had a former State Police officer who apparently had decided… to deal firearms to criminals. … bragged he had been selling to rival gang leaders and promoting gang warfare within the City of Chicago.
    … selling on the black market is something that the government appropriately can regulate.

    93rd Assembly, 47th Legislative Day, 5/16/2003.

    Obama didn’t understand how the officer obtained the weapons and certainly didn’t understand the black market.

  4. I have a question. When Illinois cops confiscate guns, what do they do with them? The State is dead broke. If they would sell those guns suitable for sale they could take in some money. What is the law regarding what the State of Illinois has to do with confiscated property?

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