West Virginia Gun Owners Plan Protest of Joe Manchin

Plans are shaping up for a protest of Sen. Joe Manchin who promised West Virginia’s law-abiding gun owners that he would respect their rights, and has now declared that he wants to ban guns that aren’t relevant to his interpretation of the Second Amendment – the right to hunt.

The organizer suggests that people do not open carry because of legal concerns, and another attendee has suggested some good ground rules: “No camo, no bullhorns, no sticks, no burning in effigy, we will get TV coverage… We need to be normal, just like at the meeting in the rotunda.” They are also encouraging the state’s gun owners to call his office because he’s apparently already feeling pressure.

4 thoughts on “West Virginia Gun Owners Plan Protest of Joe Manchin”

  1. What do you want to bet that 1 to 3 yahoos show up OCing? What do you want to bet the press will focus on them and ignore the majority of other protesters.
    This is unfortunately why ground rules are needed, because our side has a small group that can not grasp how vulnerable our rights are. I pray I am proven wrong.

  2. Yup. This bad. They are going to look like a bunch of uncaring loons. I more damage than good.

  3. 1. Fight on their turf. They want to make emotional pleas that it’s “For the children”? Fine. We can do the same thing.
    2. Fight on our turf. In addition to the emotional appeals, keep banging them with the facts that gun bans don’t reduce crime, fewer victims do.
    3. We OWN new media. Don’t let the dinosaur media control the narrative.

    We can get thru this.

  4. Joe Manchin has slowly been steering away from what WV’s need and wants. He has been catering to what Obama needs and wants. No matter what we ask or request he will ignore us . Sad times are coming.

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