Bloomberg Targeting Self-Defense Laws

It looks like Bloomberg is putting up the money to fund lawyers to review self-defense laws around the country to challenge or change them.

9 Responses to “Bloomberg Targeting Self-Defense Laws”

  1. Talk about ambulance chasing!

    Plus MAIG is cheap – $20 an hour for legal work? They will get the quality of work that they deserve paying that.

    • Bitter says:

      It is cheap if you’re talking about an attorney with a job at the moment. They are targeting out-of-work lawyers (of which there are many) who may be willing to jump at $20/hour for doing some type of legal work or research that they can put on a resume or mention in an interview.

      • Dirk Diggler says:

        being a lawyer myself, you will get crap results (like a print out of google results with no analysis) for that amount of pay. Hell, in NYC, they will pay more for lunch and subway/taxi fare than they make. For a billionaire, Mike is a cheap fuck

  2. Scott D says:

    Too bad Mayor Mike still doesn’t get this. This isn’t about the castle doctrine!!! This is more on the stand your ground laws. Yet he will focus on castle trying to get our rights taken away. A home owner in Las Vegas just shot and killed a guy with known gang ties and an extensive criminal background who was trying to break in his window! Yet who got arrested, the homeowner. As a precaution so they could investigate.
    We have a right to defend life, and home Mike!!
    You are not the Mayor of The US. Do your own job in NYC. Stay out of our states affairs!!
    On the actual case…Zimmerman was wrong especially after the dispatche told him not to follow. He should have say back and been a good witness that is really what neighborhood watch is for. Prosecute him negligent homicide.

  3. You know, look at what they (anti-gun people, President Obama) are NOT talking about:

    1. Not talking about banning handguns, the type of weapon used by Zimmerman.
    2. Not talking about repealing shall-issue carry licensing.
    3. Not talking about renewal of the AWB. I know it would not make sense, but they would jump at the chance if they thought they could get it.
    4. Not talking about banning standard capacity magazines.

    Sure, there is a lot of noise over this shooting, but look at what is off of the table. How are MAIG and the Brady Campaign even relevant anymore? Sounds like winning to me.

  4. Matthew Carberry says:

    So he’s starting up in Albany, right? Going after Cuomo et al for perpetuating this horror?