Philly’s Murder Problem

We’ve covered for months the fact that Philadelphia is cooking the books when it comes to reporting murders in the city. Even when murders are up over last year, they keep their little green downward pointing arrow posted.

Those are the current numbers. In the first 23 days of the year, Philly has had 27 murders. That’s 1.17 murders per day so far. But their little PR people want you to believe that crime is on the decline and everything is just fine as long as that little green arrow points down. Move along and don’t ask questions, sheeple.

8 thoughts on “Philly’s Murder Problem”

  1. Could you post a link to the Philly webpage where that graphic comes from?

    1. Here it is. I was tipped off last night that it would be going up this morning, and it did. So today they finally changed the arrow to up.

      Even when murders were up over last year, they kept that green arrow down and a claim of 4% down – at least until they hit 27 when it changed to 0%.

  2. Are you interested in doing a little research project? We hit up the Philly coroner, open records act, for the names and dates of birth of all 2011 homicide victims. From that we can criminal history check them all. It will be interesting to see how many of them were convicted felons.

    A few years back, the Baltimore Sun did just this. They found that north of 80% of so called victims were convicted felons.

    1. Pyrotek85, you have an interesting point. Here in Kansas City (aka “Killa City”) the local rag often posts pictures of those currently occupying a single efficiency at the coroner’s office. With relatively rare exception, the picture is a mugshot. Of course, one is presumed guilty until proven innocent but an arrest record is, for me at least, an important data point.

  3. The only people in Philly that can help make this change are the people in Philly! They need to get off their asses and take back the city.
    I hate the city, and I always have. I can never understand how people live there, or why.

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