Jewelry & Guns

If you’re in the mood for an interesting read on why making jewelry is like reloading or shooting, check out this article on NRA past president Sandy Froman’s artistic hobby. The first several pages are closeups of her work.

What’s amazing is that she didn’t plan to get into the shooting sports or Second Amendment fight – it all started with a night that someone tried to break into her home while she was alone. She also didn’t plan on taking a jewelry-making class – she happened to see it starting as she walked by a bead store after dropping off some business papers at a copy shop. Yet, it turns out that she’s got a talent & passion for both endeavors.

One thought on “Jewelry & Guns”

  1. Sandy is a terrific woman. I didn’t know she was doing this – although I’m not surprised.
    I’ve met her on three separate occasions, and each time was a joy. Consummate gunnie, NRA officer and artist.

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