Snazzy Videos

I don’t know what possessed me, but I decided to go check out one of the blogs I monitored before our trip to Hawaii last year. Turns out, there’s been some pretty nifty video captured from the volcano lately. Since Sebastian is too busy preparing for an interview today, you’re stuck with this crazy stuff before I go looking up gun, legal, or political news for the day.

Unfortunately, the video linked isn’t embeddable (yet*) so I’ll just embed this one from March that shows something else kinda cool.

In this video, the lava lake’s disappearance drops the entire crater floor more than 250 feet & brings down a section of the crater wall. Amazing little things, these webcams.

*Consider that of the embeddable videos, they were posted in July even though they were captured in March. Yes, the local government agency office can get video posted within a day of an event, and the division of the agency with keys to the YouTube account takes 4 months to upload 30 second videos. Yay, government!