An Interview with David Keene, NRA President

This is his segment from Washington Journal last week. The first questions may seem a little odd, but they are a bit of a bridge from the host’s previous topic about candidates and their personal lives.

He emphasizes the role of women in the organization and he discusses how NRA members vote on the Second Amendment so they don’t have to spend as much as in elections. He is accused by the second caller of buying Democratic votes instead of actually having the support of Democrats. Keene, even though he is associated with the right, is great at outlining how the Second Amendment spans party. I could outline everything, but I won’t. He flat out tells a gun owner who supports banning magazines that he’s wrong. I love it. Just listen for yourself.

At the 2A Blog Bash in Pittsburgh, participants had a chance to sit down with Keene at our breakfast with Tom King. I don’t just mean that he came by and shook hands with a friendly hello. He actually sat down with the group for quite a while to discuss a whole range of issues at NRA – technology, outreach, you name it. He’s a serious guy with a serious outlook on the issues from the political to the programming.

4 thoughts on “An Interview with David Keene, NRA President”

  1. I sure would have liked this better if he had said, “I have 4 licenses to carry from 4 States to get the most bang for my carry buck.” I want to eventually get a President of the NRA that is all about personal protection and less about Sporting Clays and hunting. He did a nice job and stuck to the talking points. He is very articulate and able. I am not nit picking, I am just being hopeful!

  2. Keep in mind that the guy has been working in DC for years. Carry in daily life is not an option there. Just because he’s in that habit due to bad laws doesn’t mean anyone should hold it against him that he personally doesn’t do it.

  3. I was at that breakfast – he was one sharp cookie, and was listening to what we were saying as well as talking. Very serious guy, and I mean that in a good way.

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