Grave Misspelling

Political grave misspelling, that is. In an effort to belittle voters who she believes might need to be edumacated on how to write in the name Lisa Murkowski on the general election ballot this fall, her web ad misspelled her own name. Some commentary by one political online consultant:

Hey kids, check those details before you post that web video! Lisa Murkowski’s staff apparently didn’t, and they misspelled HER OWN NAME in the original version…

Yep, the ad listed “” in its first incarnation, an error caught by the online press with much mirth and joy. And of course, someone moved fast to buy up the misspelled domain name, which now plays host to a site that’s not exactly flattering to the sitting Senator (it starts here and gets worse: “Lisa Murkowski is an elitist, Big Government, Tax and Spend career politician who was given the seat by her daddy.”).

Here’s the revised version of the ad:
I think I’d be insulted by it if I lived in Alaska. Not that it matters since her sore loser moves aren’t exactly gaining a lot of ground up there.

2 thoughts on “Grave Misspelling”

  1. Trust me – there are plenty of us here who are offended by the USS I’m-Entitled-To-It. On the other hand, the center-left people to whom she appeals would probably vote for McAdams, so this could be good news for Miller.

  2. Last poll I saw had her at 37%, Miller at 31% and McAdams at 20-something.

    Even if the vote splits evenly the Dem has a tough row to hoe.

    Lisa has the backing of the Teacher’s Union and a lot of the Native groups, it’s actually likely she’ll steal Dem votes away who don’t want to “throw their vote away” and consider her the lesser fo two evils.

    Being a “Centrist”, she’s pretty popular and hasn’t ticked off many on the Left with her votes.

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