4 thoughts on “Presidential image on Flickr”

  1. Some of the best puns that I’ve read to describe the redecoration of the Oval Office call it “The Audacity of Taupe” and “Yes We Tan”.

    If he really uses the Oval Office as a working office, then if blah works for him, well OK. However, if it is to be a symbol of America to the rest of the world, it sucks. It says we don’t want to rock the boat and are indistinguishable from the rest of the world.

  2. Well, the big question I have about that office is, if it’s a working office, where are the computer screens?

  3. Al Gore has 3 LCD monitors and a plasma TV in his office to help manage global warming…

  4. @Ian – You forget, Obama does all his work on a Blackberry. Remember he threw a tantrum when he was told that due to national security concerns, he’d have to give up the Blackberry.

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