Alert: Female Soldiers are “Not as Straight as Men are”

If you think this post is about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and lesbians in the U.S. Army, you would be wrong.

Actually, the powers that be at PEO Soldier, the Army unit tasked with uniforms and other personal gear for soldiers, have just noticed that women have curves. From a story on new female-specific uniforms in the KitUp blog on

As the Army wrestles with the frontline demand for OCP uniforms, the service has just announced plans for a female-only version of their ACUs.

This from the official release: “Changes being evaluated in PEO’s re-designed uniform include 13 sizes in both the jacket and trousers, an elastic waistband, a more spacious hip area, a shortened crotch length, a more tailored jacket, and re-positioned rank and name tapes.”

“Women have so many different shapes and sizes, we’re as not as ‘straight’ as men are,” said Maj. Sequana Robinson, assistant product manager for uniforms at PEO Soldier, who is currently testing one of the female-only ACUs.

5 thoughts on “Alert: Female Soldiers are “Not as Straight as Men are””

  1. Whew! It only took our government 235 years to make this breakthrough. I am glad we didn’t put the Defense Department in charge of figuring out heavier than air flight or we might still be stuck to the ground.

  2. During my stint in ROTC, they always told us the intent of BDUs was to not hug the human form in any way to help break up the outline….

  3. Please make trousers with extra room in the butt. Some of the ladies definitely need it…

  4. I was stupid enough to look at comments there.

    (Hint: To the guy who thinks that “men and women are shaped differently” could be “fixed” by “making women train to the same physical standard”…

    Talk to an anatomist about that, and then come back, okay?)

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