The Anti-Carry Bill that Won’t Die

It looks like the anti-gun politicians have learned a little something from the worst of New Jersey’s political traditions. When their bills are about to go down in defeat, they yank them from the floor. That way there’s never a real “no” vote against them, and they can keep pulling them up periodically to test the waters for any new votes.

This bill has to be defeated. Until Philadelphia stops abusing their authority over carry licenses, there’s no room to even talk about this subject.

2 thoughts on “The Anti-Carry Bill that Won’t Die”

  1. Question….

    Who can submit a bill for a vote? Just the sponsor? Co-sponsor? etc?

    I am wondering could a pro-gun candidate co-sponsor a bill and force it to a vote at a time when it will be voted down. Or does only the originator have the ability to submit a bill for vote. Just wondering how the details of it work.

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