Pennsylvania Leaders Involved in McDonald

Over at, I take a look at the leaders in Pennsylvania who stepped up to sign on to at least one brief in favor of the petitioners. You can read excerpts from all of the relevant briefs over there, but here are the names of those who deserve our thanks for being proactive on the issue:

It would have been nice if more Pennsylvania lawmakers had stepped up to be on the right side of history in this case. As I understand it, there were time constraints in some states.

Maybe we should use this against lawmakers anyway. As gun owners we could tell them that since most of them did not help out on McDonald, they could make it up to us by passing Castle Doctrine. :)

One thought on “Pennsylvania Leaders Involved in McDonald

  1. Just a note to point out that Sen. Joe Scarnati on the list is undoubtedly the same Joseph B. Scarnati III, who as President Pro Tempore of the Pennsylvania Senate filed his own brief in 2008 dealing with early Pennsylvania history supporting individual rights in the Heller case.

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