Contribute What You Have

Sometimes it’s not about opening your wallet to fight a political fight.  And you might not be great with people for purposes of going door-to-door for a candidate.  While those things have to happen, I couldn’t help but think about how many other skills people have to offer a movement that they don’t contribute after listening to this song by a conservative performer.

Legal issues aside, no one can doubt that Shepard Fairey’s work make a huge impact for the Obama campaign. According to Edelman, Obama supporters put more than 400,000 user-created videos on YouTube. While an activist shouldn’t spend all or his/her time on these types of activities, they are relevant if you have an avenue and plan to get them out to broader audiences.

What I know I’m tired of seeing are people who are just angry and fuming. Turn that anger into motivation to do something. I know I have a few ideas for some independent outreach projects come election time, but until then I’m going to do things like contact the declared candidates and make sure they contact NRA to get a questionnaire and let them know there are pro-gun voters in the district.

I’m not exactly full of artistic talent, nor do I have much in the way of video skills, but I have been amassing a collection of stock videos, images, and songs that could come in handy someday for either a project of mine or those I know who do have more skills and talent.

With the very un-merry Christmas gift we’re getting from the Democrats in the Senate this year, use some of your time around the holidays to get a little creative in what you can give to fight for freedom.

(Song found via Ravenwood who should consider a holiday gift of giving the world more of his blogging talents.) :)

3 Responses to “Contribute What You Have”

  1. maddmedic says:

    I agree with you on the “doing” something! To many bitch and then sit. Get involved at your local level, become “know”‘ by your elected officials. Or as one calls me a “pain”. Email, call. Go to caucuses, become a delegate. Starts with us!! And as a sidenote have been lurking and reading this blog for a while now. Good work! And your in my blogroll!!!

  2. Jeff says:

    People are angry because the traditional avenues of “doing something”, which include calling representatives, voting, etc don’t seem to work.
    Don’t get mad, get even.
    There are great ways to fight back to what Big Government is doing. A huge blow fell when Climategate hit. Whoever that hacker was, he struck a huge win against big government everywhere in the world. Information keeps getting freer and freer with internet proliferation.
    They can have their short lived health care victories. Freedom cannot be contained.

  3. Bitter says:

    Voting would have worked if people showed up. There were many right-of-center voters who simply stayed home. If you know even one of those people, then these efforts I’m suggesting are an effort to help reach them and get them to show up next November.

    As for calling reps, that does work to a degree. Remember when healthcare was going to include a full public option & be done by August recess? Yeah… It’s not a perfect result, but we’ve clearly thrown a wrench into things.

    Anger is a motivator, so I don’t want to say that people shouldn’t be angry at all. However, that anger needs to be funneled into something productive. Joining a Facebook group or posting an angry thread on a forum doesn’t cut it.