Government Healthcare

Just remember when the government wants to control your healthcare what hoops we now have to jump through to treat a freakin’ cold.

As recently as my college years, I was able to go buy a few pills to pop to ease congestion without dealing with people – except for the cashier. Today, I passed on any pill because I didn’t want to deal with people. (Thanks to self-checkout, dealing with people while sick is entirely optional now.) I also can’t easily see what’s actually in stock since all of the boxes are out of my sight.

Instead, I picked up some cough syrup recommended by my mom who has the same symptoms. Little did I know that even just buying cough syrup that is out on the shelf and going through the self-checkout, I would still have to interact with a cashier. Apparently cough syrup is now age-restricted. Yes, I had to show ID to buy cough syrup.

This is over-the-counter crap that I just want to ease my symptoms, and now government ID is required to buy it. But under Pelosi’s ideal healthcare bill, no such ID would be required to get public healthcare.

How long will it be before I have to show ID to buy my Puffs Plus with Lotion so I don’t have such a raw nose?

6 thoughts on “Government Healthcare”

  1. “But under Pelosi’s ideal healthcare bill, no such ID would be required to get public healthcare.”

    Yup, so once again people will be wasting everyone’s money to take an ambulance ride to the ER for a $5 pregnancy test. It costs someone a ton of money, but that someone isn’t them so who cares?

    1. Where do you find a $5 hospital pregnancy test? Because of some medications I’ve been on, I’ve had to take a couple. They cost around $75 when done at a hospital or other medical facility.

  2. Plus you can be arrested for buying too much within a given month. One lady bought some for her husband in one state and some for her kid, I think in another and agents came for her. I think this was IL and IN.

  3. With Pelosi, Reid, and Obama in charge, don’t worry, soon enough, a trip to just about ANY store to buy ANYTHING will soon have all the trappings of what life was like for most in an eastern European Communist state. There will be scant supply of all products in stock, dreary, unhelpful, and rude employees who won’t have to worry about getting fired for misconduct because of their SEIU membership status, and endless forms of bureaucracy placed upon the customer as to proving the identity of who he or she is, why he or she actually NEEDS the product for purchase, what the intended usage will be, who else will be using it, instructions on how to use the product in an “earth friendly” manner, etc., etc., etc.

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