A Monday Chuckle

I’m busy doing a last round of cleaning and laundry today before we have guests over to eat.  To amuse myself, I am attempting to start a small Twitter meme based on jokes Sebastian and I were making this weekend.  So, if you’re on Twitter, feel free to contribute to #GunNutPickupLines.  Amuse me, amuse yourselves, and forget it’s Monday.

4 thoughts on “A Monday Chuckle”

  1. 1: Hey, baby, nice rack !

    2: Wanna come up and see some of my etching?

    3: Damn, the hot range just got hotter !

    4: You have a really tight slide-action.

    5: I got some hot loads for you to try…;-)

    Also, I did once have a non-shooter friend ask me what I was wearing, and it was Break-Free…that stuff does smell kinda nice.

  2. Ooyah, BSmith, any woman who won’t put a drop of Hoppe’s behind her ear, just wants to stay lonely.

    Say, WHAT are the three positions, again? C’mon, get kinky.
    “Sitting” is only in 4P anymore.

  3. Want to test the expansion of my hollow point?

    It might be fat and slow but it gets the job done.

    Want to help me work on my grip?

    Do you have a holster I can slip this into?

    It’s the muzzle velocity that counts.

    Hey baby, want me to rack your slide? Or is it the other way around?

  4. * This wood doesn’t look like a curio OR a relic, baby.

    * Can I pump your rack? I mean, rack your pump?

    * I see your AK has a fun switch. So do I. /wink/

    * (For CCW): ‘Scuse me while I whip this out.

    * A 16″ barrel? Baby, I wouldn’t cut off 2″ for any woman.

    * Come on, baby, let’s go put the ‘sick’ in IPSC.

    * Can you help me find my Garand? I think I left it in this cheap hotel across the street.

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