Stepping Up When It Counts

It’s pretty clear that the media is not going to let Gillibrand’s support of gun rights go away right now.  Given that, it’s important that gun owners step up and support her.

One poll already shows that 26% of New Yorkers would be less likely to vote for her because of her pro-gun positions, whereas only 16% would be more likely to vote for her.  Fortunately, 41% said they didn’t care.  We need to show her that it matters.  Those 16% need to show up and/or open their wallets.  There’s no way that 26% will show up for the competition on any other day than Election Day.  So let’s show Gillibrand that there is no loss to being pro-gun.  That with an active 16%, we can easily top their 26%.

  • First step: Whether you live in New York or not, sign up for her email list.  One, this gives her a strong metric to use against opponents.  In the age of the internet, especially after Obama, Paul, and Dean, how many people are on you mailing list now matters.
  • Second step: Regardless of where you live, give if you can.  She’s already got the Senate campaign started, so we can start giving.  Show her the money so that Dems are turned off to a primary challenge and Republicans feel she’s a tough opponent.
  • Third step: If you live in or near New York, volunteer.  There won’t be much to do at this point, but things will start to pick up later this year.  Go ahead and get on the list now to be another metric they can use to scare off the competition.

There are other things you can do like become a supporter of her Facebook page.  It’s not as strong as getting on her email list, but it’s public, and they can get an idea of what their supporters are interested in.

One of the biggest risks I see for gun owners could easily be caused by our own inaction.  Right now, the media is leaning on her, expecting her to change her positions.  Other Dems are saying that now that she reprents the entire state, she needs to turn against guns.  Because of this, I suspect many gun owners are going to convince themselves to take a “let’s wait and see” approach to getting involved.  If we do that, we shoot ourselves in the foot.  Get on board, show her we care and that we’ll support her, and she will be far less likely to give a damn about those anti-gun voters.  If we can help her reach out to independents and finance her ability to reach out to Dems on other issues, then we will keep a pro-gun vote in the Senate.

She is going to need a lot of money.  She’s only got about $250,000 cash on hand.  She’s considered to be a great fundraiser, but a Senate race in New York is not cheap.  She will need millions heading into next year.

12 thoughts on “Stepping Up When It Counts”

  1. I live in Ms. Gillibrand’s district. I was already planning an email followed by snail mail letter to convey that I understand the pressure she will be under to change her positions. I will be watching, and if she continues to support my rights and stays true to her beliefs, I will do my best to make sure that she is rewarded for her steadfastness.

  2. She already stood up for us. Reward her now! If gun owners don’t step up right now, she’ll have no incentive to stay with us. This wait-and-see approach is exactly what I warned against. Your letter could easily be drowned out by the media. Your dollars and work will not.

  3. That’s how they purge the ranks of Party undesirables in California.

    The Central Committee runs a lopsided challenge with their full-weight and funding against their own incumbent who won at a local level and took seats from the opposition, but displays too much free or independent thinking at the National level.

  4. I have donated to her campaign, I would strongly encourage other people to toss some cash her way as well.

    People like Gillibrand are going to be the dam that holds back gun control under an Obama administration.

  5. I’d like to know more about who the Republicans are planning on running in the next cycle. If the likely candidate is even moderately Pro-Life and has an okay shot at winning then I’m happy to see Ms. Gillibrand sink like the Titanic, RKBA supporter or not.

  6. Wolfwood, what are the chances that a pro-life pro-gun Republican has a shot in New York at a time when the national GOP brand is under serious fire? Just sayin’. :)

    The only semi-declared GOP candidate is anti-gun, but pro-life. He doesn’t have much name recognition, and he’s making up crap about Gillibrand. Schumer said he would like to see her change her gun positions to represent NYC, but he didn’t indicate that she would. King is lying to NRO and saying that he’s claiming he got her to change.

  7. Bitter

    Oh, probably about a snowflake’s chance in hell. Still, I’m very, very hesitant to do anything other than try to undermine any politician who is pro-NARAL. Ignoring her is about the most I can muster.

    I can’t think of anyone conservative/libertarian to have a shot against her, but there’s always hope!

  8. I gave. Plan to send her a letter of support that stresses RKBA.

    I think Dan P’s put his finger on the relevant political considerations. Art of the possible and all that.

  9. Thanks for the suggestions – I did all 3. I wish we had more Democrats like her in the people’s republic of Minnesota…

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