The Pink Pistols

If you’ve not heard of them, the Pink Pistols are a firearms advocacy group that also advocates gay rights. If you go to their website, the front page says “Armed Gays don’t get bashed” a phrase which makes me giggle incessantly whenever I see it.

I really like groups like the Pink Pistols, not just because they advocate for the 2nd Amendment, but because they give the radical lefties serious mental fits. They can’t comprehend how someone that “should” be “on their side” is advocating for a dirty “Republican” concept like RKBA. One of the biggest reasons that I like the Pink Pistols is because we need more groups like them. We need gun owners and 2nd Amendment advocates that don’t just break the media’s stereotype of gun owners, they smash it.

The biggest reason that I support the Pink Pistols (and any group that exposes the cognitive dissonance inherent in the radical left) is because they also display the deep seated hypocrisy in the “social progressive” movement. Think about this for just a minute: the marxists social progressives are constantly trying to “help the little guy” (generally with your money); however if they were successful in helping the poor not be poor, or minorities be treated equal, they would lose their mandate and by losing their mandate they would lose their power.

It is imperative to those in power (your Nancy Pelosi’s, Ted Kennedy’s, and Dianne Feinsteins) that the poor and disadvantaged remain poor and disadvantaged. Of course, they will make a big show of “helping” the little guy, but their help is little more than free handouts at the expense of the taxpayer – handouts that do nothing to actually help the poor and disadvantaged.

I sometimes feel that the Big Left has forgotten the simple proverb “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”

4 thoughts on “The Pink Pistols”

  1. Or the Capitalist version:

    Give a man a fish; feed him for a day.
    Teach a man to fish; sell him bait and tackle for a lifetime.

  2. Teach a man fish, and you’ll have to teach him to cook. You’ll also have to teach him how to dig a latrine for after the fish is digested. And, properly, fish does not provide all the nutrients needed for a balanced diet. So, you’ll also have to teach him to farm, growing corn, apples, and whatnot. He may also want to raise chickens and some other animals as they provide a ready supply of meat and meat byproducts, so you’ll have to teach that, too.

    Of course, once that man is raising chickens, it’s kind of pointless to fish (except for maybe Omega-3 fatty acids which they provide). So, you might as well not teach that man to fish.

  3. A high-school friend of mine “came out” upon turning 18 and became a drag stripper (hey, it was the 80’s!). His dad was a small-time pro wrestler, and of course my friend picked up a move or two while growing up. My friend reported that the local rednecks liked to bash trannies as they were leaving his workplace late at night, but that after a few beatings with stilleto heels the rednecks wised up and left to find better pickings. I can only imagine what the rednecks would have thought of the Pink Pistols!

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