About Us

Welcome to “Shall Not Be Questioned”, a blog about firearms, firearms public policy, and Second Amendment advocacy. While our blog covers happenings in the pro-Second Amendment community in the country as a whole, we have a Pennsylvania focus.

Your hosts, Sebastian and Bitter, are Second Amendment activists living in Southeast Pennsylvania, just north of the City of Philadelphia. Sebastian and Bitter are pen names. Bitter has a long history online as the founder and primary writer for an early gun blog called The Bitch Girls. In real life Bitter is an independent contractor, with a long history, both personal and professional, in the outdoor and sportsman’s communities. Sebastian is a computer professional.

Our interest in firearms stems from our interest in personal self-defense, and our involvement in the shooting sports. Both of us are competitive shooters. We both shoot Metallic Silhouette, I shoot CMP and high-power, and sometimes we’ll shoot the occasional round of Trap. Needless to say, we place a great deal of value in preserving the Second Amendment, as well as the rest of the Bill of Rights.

If you’re looking to understand more, stick around. This blog will give you a detailed look into America’s often misunderstood and sometimes maligned “gun culture.” We welcome active participation both by firearms enthusiasts and people who hate them. All we ask s that folks be respectful to each other, and to us. We’re always interested in hearing from readers.