Clear Channel & Moms Against Guns

Bitter managed to talk to Clear Channel about the MAG advertising campaign.  Seems they plead ignorance to the exact nature of Moms Against Guns: So, ignorance is no excuse, right? I would agree with that to a point. We all have biases. What concerns me is how this got so far – 30+ freakin’ billboards … Continue reading “Clear Channel & Moms Against Guns”

Moms Against Guns: Violating IRS Tax Code

Yesterday we reviewed the very large donation by Clear Channel Outdoors and Interstate Advertising to Moms Against Guns.  MAG is incorporated as a non-profit under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS tax code. [UPDATE: They are not incorporated as a 501(c)(3), but rather, as a limited liability company.  In other words, they are a for-profit corporation.  … Continue reading “Moms Against Guns: Violating IRS Tax Code”

Moms Demand (Not Much) Action

With Shannon Watts speaking about drawing 400 protestors out to Riverfront Park, we decided to take a walk down there to see whether she was living up to expectations. More importantly, given that last year at Indianapolis, Watts hired armed security, we were wondering whether she’d be dumb enough to bring armed security into parks … Continue reading “Moms Demand (Not Much) Action”

Moms, Maids, & Lies

Dave Kopel wrote a wonderful article in the September issue of America’s First Freedom about the fake narrative of just being a stay-at-home mom that Shannon Watts created for herself. He highlights her political work as the Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan’s Public Affairs Officer during the same period that the governor was doing public events … Continue reading “Moms, Maids, & Lies”

Guns & Social Media Debates

VSSA does a great job of taking apart a story that anti-gun groups are trying to push to promote the narrative that they are somehow going to win the battle over the Second Amendment on social media because they are supposedly being so innovative by going to SXSW and hosting sparsely attended panels on social … Continue reading “Guns & Social Media Debates”

Joyce Brady Mayors and Moms Against Illegal Gun Coalitions on Violence Policy Campaign

Did I leave anyone out? It seems like Max Nacheman is out to rebrand the anti-gun movement into one big happy family – or at least laugh all the way to the bank on every group’s dime. First, he was on the payroll of MAIG while also speaking to policymakers as a representative of the … Continue reading “Joyce Brady Mayors and Moms Against Illegal Gun Coalitions on Violence Policy Campaign”

Millions Hundreds ? of Moms March

This report indicates that some mothers actually did march against guns this weekend. Hundreds of mothers and other activists have been marching the streets of New York City to protest gun violence. Gloria Cruz of the Million Mom March in New York says she wants to honor children who have died as a result of … Continue readingMillions Hundreds ? of Moms March”