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The Obama Gun Sales Ban


Hottie Dave Kopel issues an challenge and I’m all over it…

David Bernstein recently noted Illinois State Senator Barack Obama’s 1999 proposal for a federal law against licensed firearms dealers operating within five miles of a school or park. Every town I’ve ever visisted which has more than a few dozen inhabitants has either a school or a park. Hypothesizing that the ban would apply to city parks (e.g., Central Park in New York City) but not to National Parks, pick a geographical region, and describe where a licensed firearms dealer could operate. Or pick a geographic point (e.g, Houston)and identify how far a peson would have to drive in order to get to the closest point where a gun store could legally be located. Extra credit for illustrative maps.

So I did what any good curious gun owner would do. I pulled up my hometown (the town I know best) and put some circles over it on the schools and parks.  So even though Waurika, Oklahoma doesn’t have any gun shops, Obama would ensure that no entrepreneur could address the needs of the area’s hunters – a tradition that Obama indicates he doesn’t want to interfere with if he’s elected.

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“The Obama Gun Sales Ban”

  1. On February 24th, 2008 at 6:14 pm markm Says:

    How about out in the country? I’m not sure about OK, but in most places east of it, there’s another town (with parks and schools) every five to ten miles along nearly every paved road – so those overlapping circles are going to cover nearly everyplace you can get to without 4WD. I am quite familiar with some pretty desolate parts of Michigan, where the town populations may be under 100 – but they still have their tiny little school systems.

    I haven’t gone through this for the whole state, but for the areas I know, to get to an area not covered by Obama’s five-mile rule, you have to get five miles into a large national park or forest.

    I’m not clear whether Obama’s language includes those as “parks” for the purpose of the proposed law, but Kopel seems to have assumed they aren’t. It appears that Senatorial pressure may have gotten the park service to reconsider their “no guns at all” rule, what do you think the chances are of getting permission from the park service to sell evil black rifles? And attract all that extra traffic through areas where they hate to even provide hiking trails?


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