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Zero Sum Games

Off topic, because gun news is thin on the ground today. Obama’s statements on the Ukraine situation boggle the mind. I’d like to think there’s some kind of dastardly brilliant plan behind all this, but the only plan it looks like to me is this one.

The United States does not view Europe as a battleground between East and West, nor do we see the situation in Ukraine as a zero-sum game. That’s the kind of thinking that should have ended with the Cold War.

You sure Putin views things the same way, Barry? Because it looks to me like he’s not agreeing this type of thinking ended with the Cold War. Look, we all know that we’re not going to war over Ukraine, and I’m not suggesting we should. But you at least need to make a show of it so he knows there’s lines, real lines, that he can’t cross. Like Poland and Estonia. And not that I really want him drawing any lines, since that hasn’t worked out to well for this Administration. This kind of obliviousness is how big wars start.

UPDATE: Not the only person who noticed this one.

Feinstein Wants to Keep the Gun Issue Alive in 2014

If I was a Democratic party insider, I would almost wonder if Sen. Dianne Feinstein is actively trying to cause the party to lose the Senate this year. She is circulating a letter to gather signatures on a message to President Obama that calls for him to bring up the topic of gun bans this election year and use executive powers to cut off imports of any semi-automatic rifle that might possibly accept a magazine of more than 10 rounds or could possibly be converted to accept more a magazine of more than 10 rounds.

Virginia Governor’s “Screw You” to Gun Owners

The first veto from Virginia’s Governor McAuliffe was on a gun bill that sought to clarify wording on transport by gun owners without concealed carry permits. Even the media notes that this veto is meant to signal to gun control advocates that he’s taking a hardcore anti-gun line rather than addressing some legitimate concern on gun possession.

Assembly Vote on Magazine Ban Today


[Today] (March 20) beginning at 1:00 p.m., the New Jersey Assembly is scheduled to vote on A2006 (gun ban / mag ban) and A2777 (reasonable deviations in firearms transportation).  There will be no testimony taken, so it is not necessary to attend in person.  You can watch online (scroll to middle of page and click “view or listen to live proceedings”).

They are asking people call their Assembly critters and demand they vote NO on A2006, and that they FIX A2777 to restore judicial discretion in regards to allowed deviations when transporting firearms.

I think this will probably pass. The reason is because I think its purpose is to try to stick it to Christie and put him in a difficult position. We’ll find out how seriously he wants to run in 2016. If he signs a bill that bans the Marlin Model 60 yet again, his national ambitions are over.

Celebration & Nervousness

Reader Adam Z. sent along the news that one of Pennsylvania’s open Congressional races where the current A rated congressman is retiring got a little more interesting with the announcement that the perceived more moderate candidate with no record has dropped out of the race. He didn’t want to fight it out in a Democratic primary against his farther left opponent who is running for the same seat for a third time after already losing twice.

This is one of those cases where it’s great news that the race seems more promising for the candidate who will likely (though far from assured) have the better Second Amendment positions in a tight district. On the other hand, the fact that a more radical candidate is now the only opposition makes it a bigger nail-biter.

Needless to say, it will be interesting to see polling when this race gets closer to election day.

Administrative Procedures are Important

ATF has a habit of ruling by letter, instead of the method Congress prescribes through the Administrative Procedures Act. Dave Hardy notes that in the case of 80% lowers, which are all over the gun news because of the raid on Ares Armor. It would be possible to do rule making on what a receiver is and is not, and have it be clear in the Code of Federal Regulations.

I don’t know how much you all know about these EP Armor polymer lowers, but it looks to me like they mill out the space for the trigger group, and then backfill it with a different color polymer so the customer knows exactly how much to machine. ATF argues that the milling process constitutes manufacturing a firearm, with all that it entails, regardless of whether you backfill it later. They have an argument to be made there.

But it’s quite disturbing that ATF was fishing for Ares customer list. What crime have the customers committed? Violating a determination letter? I know the courts have a habit of deferring to agency determinations, but how long is ATF going to be permitted to get away with ruling by letterhead instead of federal regulations like agencies are bound to?

I’d say good advice is, if you buy an 80% lower, cash and carry is the watch order of the day.

An Example of “Compromise”

In New Jersey, anti-gun lawmakers are dismissing all gun owner concerns about reducing magazine capacity limits, but they want the media to highlight just how generous they are willing to be this legislative season. They are offering up a bill that will allow gun owners who are running out of gas in their car on their way home from the range to stop and get some. Isn’t that nice?

Pennsylvania Gun Rights in 2014

It has started. Petitions have been filed and the campaigns are officially launched with a place on the ballot for the primary, and possibly, general elections.

With that deadline passing, a new post just went up at looking at all 18 Congressional races in Pennsylvania for this year.

There’s the candidate who wants to force all gun owners to carry liability insurance that doesn’t exist (that’s in our district – yay), and there’s a candidate who tells the media that gun control laws will be one of her top priorities if she’s elected. Then you have a Bloomberg-ally gun control-supporting former mayor running for Congress who holds the distinction of leading her city to the first ever municipal SEC securities fraud charges for misleading investors on the state of public finances.

Future posts, which I’m sure I’ll link here, will focus on the statewide races and state legislative races which feature quite a few retirements of pro-gun votes.

Quote of the Day: Rand Paul

Yeah, I pretty much feel the same way:

I want to like Rand Paul but he just makes me nervous. It’s hard to shake the feeling that if you just scratch the surface enough his dad’s craziness will be there.

Absent Paul, Bitter and I kind of like Scott Walker, but I have no idea whether he’d be a strong candidate for President. But I’m willing give either Paul or Walker real consideration. Most of the candidates I like never make it all the way to Pennsylvania anyway.

ANJRPC Alert on Magazine Ban



Hearing Time Changed to 1:00 p.m. 

Gun Owners and Sportsmen Need to Pour it On

Between Now and Thursday!

The rescheduled hearing of the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee that was cancelled due to winter storm Titan will take place on Thursday, March 13.  The hearing time has been changed to 1:00 p.m.  Please plan to attend and testify in person if you are able.

The hearing is scheduled to take place in the State House Annex, 125 West State Street, Trenton, New Jersey 08608, in

committee room 12 on the 4th floor.  The committee room is subject to change without notice (please inquire when you arrive).

Between now and Thursday, it is extremely important that gun owners sustain their efforts to urge members of the committee to oppose A2006 (gun ban / magazine ban), and to amend A2777 (transportation of firearms) to make a one-word amendment to restore judicial discretion on reasonable deviations in transport.  Contact information for committee members is at the bottom of this alert.

Committee members have already been overwhelmed with calls and correspondence from gun owners over the past two weeks, and that needs to continue throughout this and every upcoming phase in the life of this legislation.  Legislators who won’t see the light need to feel the heat. (Note: one legislator, Assemblyman David Rible (R-30), has responded to each of the thousands of gun owners who have contacted him, indicating his opposition to the A2006 gun ban/mag ban. We will have a further update on those who support the Second Amendment after the hearing).



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